275 Different Ways To Say Drive Safely To Your Someone Special

Different ways to say drive safely: – Whenever someone goes on a trip driving himself, then you wish him to drive safe to show him that you love, care and want him to return healthy and sound with only sweet memories.

Drive safe also means that you wish that he be safe, take care of his driving and not endanger the lives of himself, passengers or other pedestrians and drivers. It also means that his journey and the way towards that journey be pleasant without any obstacles and hindrances.


You don’t have to say drive safe always. There are multiple ways of saying someone to drive safely. To show that you love and care for someone, and if that someone is going on a trip driving by himself. Then you can say it is quite different ways.

The messages are listed in two different ways: one is short, sweet and simple. The other is long.

275 Different Ways To Say Drive Safely To Your Someone Special

A. Short way to say drive safely

Let the horizon line always remain flat.

An easy way for you and smooth roads.

Let the road present only pleasant surprises.

Let only happy lottery tickets and large bills stick to the wheels.

Let nothing upset you along the way.

May your road be covered with miracles.

Safe for you.

May any road lead where you need it.

I wish you not to go astray.

Let a reward await you at the end of the journey.

I wish your path is worth the effort expended on it.

May it be safe for you to get to your destination.

I wish you to get new interesting impressions.

May the road be good for you.

Get there without incident.

May every road always bring you home.

Cheerfulness on the go.

Have a successful trip and a safe return.

safe drive quotes
safe drive quotes

Let no one and nothing spoil your path.

Let the happy star illuminate your path.

Trouble free way for you.

I wish you peace and patience, then the path itself will become happy.

Let the road be smooth and the resting place dry.

Luck be on the way.

Have good health while driving.

Let all the incidental events be just enjoyable.

May caution, vigilance, patience, perspicacity, and calmness be your friends.

The cloudless sky and walking intuition be with you.

Calm your driving.

Let only sympathetic people meet along the way.

Fewer twists and turns for you on the way.

Let common sense not change on the way.

Take yourself not only alive but also healthy.

Let the turns in the way be only for the better.

May you have an understanding of the road.

Let every kilometer be smooth and easy, simple and understandable.

Let only force majeure bypass you.

When you reach dial.

May you have ordered on the road.

Let the trip go without loss, anxiety, and sadness.

Let the road give you only the best that is in it.

Let the engine hammer smoothly.

Have a hassle-free ride.

Rubber pillars and blind traffic cops to you.

So that the path was strewn with roses but without thorns.

Let the angels with brooms clear the way for you.

See that along the way you only come across prospects.

The simple or difficult road awaits you.. most importantly make it happy.

May fatigue not come while you are driving.

Let the road not have blizzard and dust.

Dry weather for you always.

Get to you without incident.

Let there be many reasons to look into the distance with optimism.

Head for success and good luck.

Warm tracks fro you.

A comfortable state if ming throughout the journey.

Let the guidelines along the way be right.

Let your travel lead you only to calm places.

Let nothing scare you along the way.

Let nothing make you take a chance.

Let your strength lie in wisdom and not in speed.

May family well being keep you from being reckless on the road.

Make your journey end successfully before you want to sleep.

May all paths surrender before your perseverance.

Let every road be a successful start.

May all crossroads lead only to goodness, wealth and prosperity.

Let there be only soft bumps on the road.

May you succeed in reaching the goal without sacrificing anything.

Even if you turned the wrong way, you still get where you need to.

Let the road bring you only pleasure.

So that you don’t have the chance to break your life or that of others along the way.

May you have an unperturbed mind in any circumstances.

Let nothing dare to lead you astray.

Let the safe outcome of your trip not depend on the chance.

To make you come back even happier than now.

You have more pleasant meetings and less parting.

You will have a direct road or curve, it doesn’t matter. Most importantly let it bring home.

Let the traffic jams pass you by.

Let the gas never end.

May the road patrol be good.

May your road always be the main one.

Happily and safely get there where you desire.

Have a comfortable ride.

Speedy return.

Interesting travel companion.

Drive on the track.

May the pleasure of the road be stronger than fatigue.

Beautiful views outside the window.

Less steep descents and steep inclines.

You get there and do not get lost!

I wish you’re a return without delay.

May there be no traffic jams, no accidents!

Good radio waves on the go!

No fines and mad grannies!

Good weather on the go.

I wish you to arrive on time!

How do you leave – write, how do you arrive – call.

Roads – without pits, without potholes, and without bumps!

Suns on the knitting needles, blue above the head.

Do not drive and let the fool go.

I wish that the spare wheel is not useful.

Cheer you up in all places.

Head for success and good luck!

Let your iron horse not let you down!

We wish you a bon voyage, an easy journey, excellent fellow travelers and vivid impressions.

Let the road give you only the best that is in it.

Let fatigue not come while you are driving!

An easy way for you and smooth roads.

I wish you to get new interesting impressions.

Let all the incidental events be just – enjoyable!

Enjoy your driving moments but be safe as well.

The cloudless sky and waking intuition.

May any road lead where you need it.

Trouble free way for you.

Let there be many reasons to look into the distance with optimism!

A comfortable state of mind throughout the journey.

Let luck ride with you in the next seat, and a clear sun shows the way!

Sharp turns to happen only for your better.

Your path runs only along safe and decent roads.

Your car doesn’t accelerate faster than your guardian angel.

The vehicle you drive is always safe, modern and serviceable.

Any unusual situations on the road, you always come up with the right decisions.

Accident-free drive for you.

Arrive safe and sound on your destination.

May on the road you are never left without help and support.

B. Long way to say drive safely

I wish you an easy drive without feeling the slightest inconvenience. So that everything goes well and quickly, gently land without any problems. Everything will certainly be so, don’t worry!

Let your journey pass quickly and unnoticed, good and helpful people will meet. Let the guardian angel be always there and help in any.

I want to wish you a happy and safe drive. Let the trip be successful, let this day be easy, let your expectations be justified, let the goals be achieved, let the road bring neither difficulties nor problems.

I wish you the most kind, prosperous and happy journey. Let the head on the road not hurt, let the soul not worry over trifles, let the heart rejoice in the journey and enjoy the miracles happening around.

Let the long way be covered with a tablecloth, the road will be easy and safe, good interesting fellow travelers will be nearby. I wish you a quick and good get to your destination and have a good time!

Let there be no sharp turns on your way, and a thick fog will bypass your route!

I wish you to quickly and with a breeze rush to the cherished goal! So that the road gives beautiful landscapes, and the weather does not spoil the impression of the trip!

Have a happy journey, may the road be kind and prosperous, may there be no obstacles on the way. I wish you a fascinating, excellent, calm, inspiring trip with pleasant moments for the heart and moments of delight for the soul.

With all my heart I wish you a happy and good journey. And let this trip give a lot of impressions and only positive emotions, the delight of the heart and the harmony of the soul. Let a wonderful mood and good luck accompany you.

Let kilometers be overcome accompanied by beautiful landscapes, favorite songs, ingenious ideas, good people. I wish you well-being on the road and successful arrival at your destination.

Take luck and inspiration, cheerfulness and a smile, a positive attitude and solar energy along the road. And have a smooth, green road waiting for you, a pleasant companion nearby, good luck at every turn, success at every intersection, joy at every stop!

So that the long road does not tire you and it is pleasant to remember what at the end of the road!

Good luck, I wish you from the heart! Every road is easy for those who see the goal and strive for it! Bon, voyage and fair wind so that there are no barriers!

I wish you a happy journey, a safe journey, a fun and exciting journey, incredible delight from what you saw and constant admiration for what is happening. I wish you good luck along the way, good mood and good company.

Let your path lie smoothly, let the Guardian Angel lead you along with it, bypassing obstacles and failures, filling your body with vivacity. And your soul with joy, may good luck, pleasant meetings, interesting discoveries, surprises, funny adventures and happy wait for your moments.

May the road be kind, may the soul be filled with inspiration, may the heart feel joy, may landscapes please your eyes. I wish you a happy journey and a journey with complete comfort, I wish you complete lack of anxiety and great luck on your course.

I want to wish you only good things on the road: good, quiet passing cars, less stress. May your guardian angel protect every meter of your path!

Embark on a journey with a positive attitude and glorious cheerfulness. Let a good angel accompany you on the road, which will make this trip easy and enjoyable. Let all the circumstances turn out well, and at the end of the journey, wonderful impressions await!

May your journey be safe, may this route be successful, may your soul be calm throughout the trip, and may your heart rejoice and enjoy every wonderful moment of this journey.

So that on the road your heart does not know anxiety and without delay, you will be on the right threshold!

I hasten to wish you an easy and happy journey! Let no circumstances, troubles, and problems take you by surprise! Let the road seem like a pleasant, small adventure!

I wish you to get to the final route without delay and with confidence that the planned meeting will be held like clockwork!

I wish you an easy and good journey, fair wind, smooth roads! Let not a single nuisance hinder, everything will be smooth. The main thing to remember: everything that is done is all for the better!

Let the upcoming road give you only positive impressions. Let the polite and cheerful fellow travelers who will save you from road boredom be near you. And the landscapes outside the window will be colorful and exciting, like paintings by talented artists.

Let the road be easy, comfortable, pleasant and exciting. Have a good rest and absorb the whole flavor of the journey. Catch all possible impressions, enjoy the views and enjoy the road!

Every minute I will mentally be with you! Try to relax and let go of all the excitement! After any separation, there will certainly be a meeting!

Let this journey not be a hassle, but only a mass of pleasant impressions, emotions and memorable moments of a smile.

May fate be supportive and only good, kind people will be near! I wish you the implementation of all plans and hopes!

Let the road exclude any failures, let horizons of happiness and beauty be seen ahead. I wish you roads without panic and funny things, I wish you a fun trip with joy in your heart, with the inspiration of your soul!

Any road is a unique adventure, and how beautiful and memorable it will be, depends only on you. I wish you to bring good memories, bright dreams and a firm belief in the correctness of your route.

Let your path be swift, as an arrow and time on the road will pass easily and carefree!

Let there be no unforeseen situations on the road that prevent you from reaching the point of arrival on time!

I wish you a successful, tireless and comfortable trip. Let you shake on the road only on the bumps of positive impressions, enter pleasant meetings on the corners, throw up joyful feelings on bumps, and motion sickness from positive emotions.

I wish you everywhere to have incredible luck! So that everywhere you meet only good people, any misunderstandings are resolved, as if by magic. Let a smile shine on your face, the wind will always be fair, and the mood – excellent. Easy road!

May your road be smooth as a silk canvas, light as swan fluff and joyful as the trill of a spring starling.

I wish, to the best of my outgoing companions, a clear sky above your head and interesting, vivid impressions. And let the goal of your path exceed expectations!

May bad people not meet you, and the trip will fly quickly and imperceptibly. I hope that your road will be warmed by the warmth of my parting words.

There are thoughts that make the nastiest road smooth and even. These are thoughts that somewhere there were people whose love followed you like an invisible guardian angel. These are thoughts that at the end of the journey you will have joyful, long-awaited meetings with family and friends. Let these thoughts warm you all the way and drive away all the bad and sad. Good road and joyful hopes!

Whether the road is pleasant and quick or whether it is long and painful depends on many circumstances. From weather conditions, serviceability of transport, from the class of the purchased ticket. But I want to wish you the most important condition for a good trip – good cheerful fellow travelers. Let thieves, crooks of all stripes do not meet you on the road.

Let only good, cheerful people meet on your way, with whom the roughnesses of the roadway will be smoothed out, and time for a soulful conversation will fly by quickly and imperceptibly!

I wish you an easy journey! Let it pass quickly and unnoticed, good and helpful people will meet. Let the guardian angel be always there and help in any.

Let the road be easy and clean. And you will reach your destination very quickly and easily. Quiet road, fun company.

I wish you a good journey, fair wind, cloudless sky, flat road, and a speedy return. I’m waiting for you. I want to wish you a happy journey.

Take luck and inspiration, cheerfulness and a smile, a positive attitude and solar energy along the road. And have a smooth, green road waiting for you, a pleasant companion nearby, good luck at every turn, success at every intersection, joy at every stop!

I want you to confidently put pressure on the gas and slow down only on the roads, I want you to drive around the picturesque expanses of nature with open heart and soul. And enjoy life with every trip. Good luck on the road, vigor, and optimism behind the wheel, luck, and fun in life!

Let the wheels spin, the engine hoots and the car rushes you to success. I wish you smooth roads without slopes and potholes, without striped sticks and whistles, without puddles and slush. May your heart always remain a good navigator, leading to dreams and the happiness of life.

Drive in the right direction, do not let fatigue behind the wheel, dodge any failures, always take inspiration, good company and good mood with you on your trip.

Let the wheels spin, and the engine hum, let your beloved car carry you towards the happiness and the wind of good changes.

I wish you not to violate the rules of the road and make your own rules for the pleasure and joy of life! Good luck on the road and fine weather on the way.

May there be no forced and boring trips, may there always be a good mood and good luck on the road with you. I wish you wheels without punctures, gasoline without raising prices, roads without bumps. I also wish not to hurt you, or your loved ones, or your car, I always wish you to go in the direction of happiness and success.

I wish you feel free to steer along the roads of fortune and successfully fuel any business. Let neither nails nor wands come across your path, may it always be comfortable and fun in your car. May easy and good paths to your brightest and happiest dreams always fall out in your life.

I wish you to travel the world on your favorite car in the rainbow shines of happiness and the sunshine of success. I wish you good roads, merry fellow travelers, good songs along the way and a warm welcome upon arrival.

I wish you on your wheels always to your dreams and great success. May all roads lead to happiness, may every path be overcome by you, accompanied by good luck, a cheerful company and a wonderful mood.

I wish you to travel around the world with a good mood and a constant desire for your big dream. I wish you and your car not to hurt, always to have good company both in life and on the trip, with the gas pedal to have good luck and catch success on the brakes.

I wish that the car didn’t freeze in winter and that the roads were non-slip, that spring was without slush and huge puddles. That in summer you didn’t have to sit in traffic jams accompanied by stuffiness, that roads were clean in autumn and rain could not interfere with any of your trips.

May the holy land give wings and roots! Wings – to fly up to the largest peaks, roots – so that there is a house in which they are always waiting. Let the four-wheeled friend always help out.

I wish you all the best so that the iron horse does not fail, that the nerves are strong, like a universal joint. That happiness, health, and love are not added to the head like a carburetor with the engine speed.

May the road always stretch with a smooth and bright ribbon, may the car always remain a true friend, may there always be good company along the way.

May there be no obstacles and problems on the roads, that every journey is kind and happy. That each trip is crowned with success and good luck, that a bright love warmed your heart along the way.

Let the engine of your favorite car work properly and your heart beats in a rhythm of happiness.

I wish you to drive along a smooth and happy road, dream about the innermost and overcome all obstacles on the way to goals, feel cheerful. And fun behind the wheel, always believe in your luck and adhere to the direction of success.

Wonderful scenery and easy journey. The excellent condition of your favorite car, affordable fuel, and low fuel consumption. Let your life be bright and clean, and filled with the green light of opportunity!

I wish you good luck wherever you go, the most wonderful and unpredictable discoveries, always a clear mind, a sober look, and just good health. Vivid impressions in your life, financial prosperity, driving pleasure in a luxury car and only happy journeys.

May your four-wheeled faithful friend never failed, but always helped to live quickly, confidently and beautifully! May there be wide and dewy roads, well-disposed guardians of order on the roads and your soul sing under the even hum of a motor!

I want to wish you clean roads and clear horizons, any day a happy journey without traffic jams and accidents. In any weather, the good mood at the wheel and a cheerful company of friends in your favorite car.

Let your car, not cough and sneeze, let all roads be smooth and successful, I want you to feel cheerful and confident behind the wheel, I wish you great success and prosperity.

I wish you and your car good health, smooth and prosperous roads, no obstacles to your goals, good mood and fun of the soul. May every trip bring benefits, pleasure, and joy.

Let the heart of your car never junk, and on a long wide road not let you down, and let the traffic cop’s rod not become an obstacle in your way, and let the traffic light always be green!

I would like to wish for your life to go only along a smooth road without bumps of difficulties and potholes of troubles. Always let the green light shine on you, and let the brakes never fail.

I wish your cars rumble like gentle lions, there is always a full tank and a smooth road! Let the radars go around you, the love of speed will give you a sense of freedom, and new ways always give you great experiences!

Let your car never break down and the traffic police will never see your license plates. Let then, when you are on the road, all traffic cops look the other way. And pedestrians cross the street only at the permissive color of the traffic light.

I want to wish you care on the roads, sober head, trouble-free situations, adequate pedestrians. Hold the steering wheel tightly, let your iron friend serve you faithfully and always adapt to your mood.

I wish you to easily and freely overcome any distance as if a butterfly flutters along a silk ribbon of wonderful nature. Be careful while driving and let the guardian angel help you dodge any troubles, failures, and doubts.

I wish you comfortable leather seats, an obedient steering wheel in your hands, always good company on trips and a good way ahead! Let your car never let you down, let your heart rush to dreams, and let your car rush you straight to them!

I want to wish you a long driving experience, an unbreakable car, smooth roads, and friendly traffic police, who would never have come across your path. Or come across only for the purpose of meeting you and saying that you are a cool driver.

Let every road you overcome be marked with a safe arrival and incredibly enjoyable traffic. Let the path become exceptionally rosy and fantastically favorable.

I wish you confidence and good luck on the journey, successful and happy trips. Let the car never break and never fail, may new horizons of success and luxury always open before your charming eyes.

I wish you admiring glances after the workshop ride. Ability to find a way out of any situation, excellent condition of your favorite car, big plans for future trips. Be better than the best driver and improve every day!

Let the road of your life lie along a wide and flat track. Rush at full speed to the cherished dream, pay attention to the warning signs of fate and never slow down before difficulties.

I wish that the music of the engine always sounded in unison with the melodies of your heart, happy landscapes were always visible outside the car window, and luck was reflected in the mirrors.

Let the traffic lights wink green, the roads will be smooth and without traffic jams, traffic police do not notice, and your favorite car never fails.

Let there always be a green street in front of your car, traffic lights meet at the intersections only with a green light, well, green bills always rustle in your pockets.

I wish you smooth roads so that every trip is a joy for you and for your four-wheeled friend. Let your car stop as rarely as possible and only to wish a happy journey. And let always, on all roads, traffic lights greet you with a green light!

I always wish you to drive along the highway of success, to turn only towards happiness, to see signs of love and care on the road of life, and to park only at fortunes.

I wish you every day to drive with pleasure. Let your car drive inspire, help you forget about problems and deal with stress. And let your inner freedom be limited only by the rules of the road.

I wish you enjoy riding your favorite car, even if good music always sounds in its interior, all the details work properly, and pleasant passengers sit on the passenger seats.

Let the driver’s experience last for a long, long time, hands confidently hold the steering wheel, and the iron horse will always be a true friend.

I wish you happiness in your engine, good luck in the gearbox, the glare of success in the mirrors and luck in all four wheels!

Never lose your temper, observe traffic rules, bypass all traffic jams and traffic police posts. And most importantly, love your car, and it will definitely reciprocate.

Let the seat belt, the love of loved ones and the support of the Guardian Angel, who with a wave of a wing remove all obstacles in front of you. And make the road even and smooth, always take care of you.

I wish you easy ways, sunny weather, understanding traffic cops, stable gas prices, and clear markings. Let cheerful and pleasant passengers accompany you on the road, and loving and dear to the heart people will wait at home

I want to wish you only a good journey and a flat horizon. So that your swallow does not let you down, and the days spent behind the wheel become the best days for you in life. Be a healthy and happy driver and, as they say in one famous song: hold on to the steering wheel tight.

I wish you a good mood, successful trips, fewer breakdowns and more enthusiasm for a reliable iron horse. Be confident on the road, hold onto the steering wheel firmly and slow down the gas in turns!

I wish you an excellent road without bumps, a comfortable ride without breakdowns, pleasant weather without precipitation, excellent health without fatigue and more fun holidays with wonderful surprises of fate!

Let your hands always steadily hold the steering wheel, let your eyes notice all the details of the traffic. Let your thoughts be clear, and the reaction lightning fast.

I wish you to be a supervisor and never succumb to fatigue in order to successfully complete every journey you have begun.

Let the traffic light shine with emerald color, let the perfectly smooth road surfaces sparkle with cleanliness, and let the engine please with its endurance. I wish that your adored iron horse was always a matter of pride for you, and for the rest a subject of envy.

I wish you an exceptionally smooth road, a well-functioning car, perfectly fine weather, surprisingly fun companions who are extremely aware of the traffic police inspectors any day.

I wish that traffic jams on all your routes were in constant shortage, the best available spaces in any parking lots are always available. And road patrol officers pleased with increased courtesy and smile.

Let fate rush you with a breeze along the smooth and even path to happiness and success!

I wish you smooth roads without sudden drifts and annoying interference! May success be rushing at you at a frantic speed, incredible luck will chase you along the way.

May tremendous luck will be reflected in the mirrors, and all misunderstandings will remain on the sidelines.

I wish you only a safe journey and smooth roads! May your routes be always true, may each trip turn into an unforgettable colorful adventure for you, and let the road never encounter obstacles!

May the ribbon of your roads be smooth and wide, long and happy, may your faithful friend never let you down – a car, and a green light always illuminates on your way.

I wish you always rush forward towards dreams and never slow down where life allows you to drive to the fullest!

Let your car always be your friend and never let you down! With all my heart I wish to believe only in the good, and let your next stop be unearthly happiness!

Let your car serve you faithfully, let it obey implicitly and never require repair. Let fines, unpleasant incidents on the road and accidents bypass you so that your every trip is successful, interesting and absolutely safe.

Let your car rush, not knowing breakdowns and obstacles, take you to dreams and goals, to the heights and victories.

Let it be comfortable, pleasant and fun while driving, your iron horse will always be full, well-groomed and looks 100% and you!

Let your driving experience help you to steer even from the most unexpected situations! I wish you, as rarely as possible, visit the service station with your iron friend! Let all your routes lead you only to success, pleasant surprises, and joyful meetings!

I wish that the green light always burned on the fated road, and there were happy signs, and traffic police officers did not slow down the road to the goal.

May there always be a full tank of strength and energy, and the love of loved ones acts as seat belts.

Let your car grumble like a contented kitten, let it gently move along the road and obediently respond to any of your movements. Let her smooth surface never be scratched, and she eats fuel, like a girl on a strict diet.

Let the traffic police officers encountered along the way to be loyal and fair. Let fatigue and bad mood be unknown to you, and instead of enthusiasm and happiness will fill your soul!

Let the purr of the motor caress your heart, and the high-speed wheels carry you towards great joys, huge surprises, and great deeds!

Let your four-wheeled pets always growl rumbling, a start-up with a half-turn and delight you with a dashing ride.

Rush along with fate like a premium car: easy, fun, no problem! Let only beautiful people be your fellow travelers! Let your heart motor run smoothly! Huge you run without major repairs!

I wish there was never a desire to stop, but the brakes always worked. And also health, well-being, attention and simple human happiness.

Impeccable roads, interesting fellow travelers, ideal routes, cultural road users, patience, respect, compliance with the rules, respectable law enforcement. Let your cars be delightful, comfortable, safe.

Let no puddles, no wind, no ice let your car care, let the wheels of your beloved swallow carry you to cherished dreams and bright hopes.

Safe, fast and comfortable ride, precise motor operation and reliable brakes, smooth roads and pleasant passengers.

I wish you alone with your beloved car not to get sick, not to break, to understand each other with half-sound and half-signal. Let new beautiful distances open before you, and even ideal roads are laid under them.

May your love for your loved ones and for life always be above the love of speed. Let your guardian angel not lose vigilance at any time of the day or night on the steep turns of life.

Let the angel accompany you on the way, good luck awaits you at every turn, and happiness at every stop. I wish you health, success, love and perpetual motion!

Let your iron friend be reliable, loyal and safe, and the roads in front of you creep straight and smooth, with turns of joy, bends of good luck and stops of happiness.

Meet on the way only unusually kind and friendly traffic police officers, let your fellow travelers always be cheerful and sociable, and let any obstacles on the road be removed by themselves.

I wish you safe roads, correctly working traffic lights, cheerful fellow travelers and disciplined pedestrians. Let your understanding of your favorite personal transport be perfect!

I wish that your car on the road does not fail once, that it serves you correctly, does not upset with breakdowns and always delivers on time to the destination. And let any road be spacious and smooth for you.

I wish you a smooth road, without convolutions, and clear weather without snow and doges, so that traffic cops never slow you down. So that there are many faithful and cheerful friends.

Let the pit not block your path, let all the roads of the world lead you to your home So that you do not have to get lost or turn off it.

Let the car destiny give you generous passengers, accommodating traffic police officers and velvet voices of dispatchers.

Let every road you overcome be marked with a safe arrival and incredibly enjoyable traffic. Let the path become exceptionally rosy and fantastically favorable.

The machine hears every emotion in words. Let the road give your soul its infinity, it will become a store of life dreams, adventures and pleasant intrigues. Ahead of another turn. Let him open the boundless path to happiness for you!

May the path to you be fantastically prosperous and infinitely supportive, May your movement bestow friendliness. May tremendous success become a constant well-wisher and eternal companion.

I wish you smooth and spacious roads without traffic cops. Let everyone thoroughly know the rules of the road and adhere to them immaculately. Let the green light always be on and there will be a clear path.

I wish you favorable and cloudless roads, may happiness become a constant companion along the way, and good luck be embodied in a caring patronizing talisman.

I wish you good luck, straight and smooth, without bumps and dangerous turns, the road of life, the green light for your endeavors. Comfortable movement along all paths, good motor without breakdowns and pleasant companions.

God grant you not to fly into the ditch of life, not to go carelessly into the oncoming lane, to avoid any collisions and always get home safe and sound!

I wish you an excellent mood and joy, even if the rain pours out or snow falls outside a car window. Let the low fuel level signal never light up on the panel. Let your wheels not know the nail, and the traffic police constantly ignore you!

I wish that every kilometer traveled brings only pleasure and happiness. I wish you not to get into accidents and troubles on the roads, help other people and always return home!

Let the engine do not junk, gasoline does not end, and the wheels do not deflate. And let the green traffic light always light up for you!

I wish you not to lose your driving skills, turn your head 360 degrees and see a cat in the dark. Let the reckless and drunkards not come across your path, and the traffic police inspectors, when they see you, only put their hand to the visor.

I wish you a smooth and clean track, good health, good mood on the road, clean gas and not a single inspector on the way! Good weather and clear days, pleasant fellow travelers and well-being!

I wish you a trouble-free situation on the road, direct, wide and smooth roads, an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect for them.

May you always to be alert and collected at the wheel, and outside the ride – relax with style and live in all respects freely! May there always be funds and time for the modernization of your iron horse!

I want to wish you that there are no emergency dangerous situations on the roads, that you rush at the highest speed to your happiness, that luck and success never turn away, and life makes you happy forever!

I wish you whole roads, fewer pits and less unexpected turns, good travel companions and that your cars break down and junk less often.

I wish you to always find a common language with your car and, without getting into an accident, travel around the world!

I wish you always get along with your four-wheeled friend, drive envy on everyone’s roads, but not violate traffic rules!

I wish that only a positive melody in the radio sounded in your car and you come across fellow travelers with a musical ear if you decide to sing along to this melody.

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