When should you get a lawyer for a car accident? The basic guide after accident

Lawyer for a car accident: – A car accident is an unfavorable incident on passenger or car caused by malfunctions, failures, damage, and destruction of their elements that can cause threats to the driver, passengers, people, and the environment.

It is an event on the road or other places open to public traffic or which started in such a place, in which at least one moving vehicle was involved. And in which one or more persons were killed or injured or sustained material and property damage.


For any unpleasant event to be considered as a car accident, it is important that the accident occurs on the road that is intended for traffic. And that at least one motor car is involved in the accident. Even if the car is not running but it started, unlocked and moved to knock down the pedestrians is also considered to be the car accident.

Car accident in the United States is among the most common causes of serious injury and death every year. Despite the advancement in technology and improvement in cars and construction, car accidents are still more common in the USA.

Most o the accidents are caused by the negligence grievances. Negligence is often explained as the lack of normal care that a modest person would have had in the circumstances. Car accidents are not only the cause for unpleasant events causing death, injuries and damage to the public properties.

car lawyer
car lawyer

But it is also the cause for the cases to be filed in courts by lawyers. However, not all car accidents can cause legal action to take place. If no one is hurt or injured, or the injuries are not serious or no deaths have occurred.

Then usually no litigations take place. But if the injuries are serious or cause death then serious punishments are given by law.

Causes of a car accident

The statistics of car accidents have shown that almost all accident has been caused by one or more common reasons. One of the recent viral video n the internet has shown a drunk girl driving a car at a high speed has flown a heavy stone and turn itself into a 360-degree angle.

Though people know that driving intoxicated can cause the accident, they still drink and still drive the car endangering not only oneself but also the life of others.

While the car driver is not the only reason for the accident, sometimes the pedestrians and other drivers can also be the cause. Therefore, we are discussing some of the common causes which can cause a car accident so you can avoid such causes as much as possible.

  1. Sleepy driver

A sleepy driver is a avoidable situation that is often the main cause of accidents. Driving in a tired body can cause drowsiness. In addition, long and monotonous paths such as toll roads can also make it hard for eyes to awake.

If the driver is in this situation, it is better to pull over or look for the nearest resting place. Take enough time to rest so that you can continue your journey in good body condition.

  1. Distracted Attention

Driving a car requires maximum concentration and focus. Not only the speed of the car, but the driver must also pay attention to the condition of the surrounding environment.

Dividing attention by doing other activities such as taking calls, playing gadgets and eating and drinking can break the driver’s concentration and numerous other distractions both inside and outside the vehicle.

  1. Careless Driving Style

Reckless driving styles such as speeding, moving lanes and so on can endanger the driver and the people around him. Careless driving like that will reduce the driver’s ability to control when something happens suddenly.

  1. Tailgating

Tailgating is the activity of driving by following other cars in front of him in an insecure distance. This becomes dangerous because if the car in front stops suddenly, the tailgating perpetrator has no time to anticipate this. And apply the brake at the necessary distance to avoid an accident.

  1. Being in a Drunken Condition

Driving a car under the toxication of alcohol is certainly very dangerous. The driver will have very little concentration control and focus and is prone to cause accidents.

  1. Negligence of driver

In the context of car accidents, negligence can arise according to many situations. The most common reason of car accidents is driver error. The common errors of the driver contemplated in a car accident litigation are: not giving way, sticking too much to the front vehicle. Driving too fast, driving intoxicated, and driving under the influence, and not respecting the traffic rules and regulations.

  1. Failure to Provide a Service and Maintenance Appropriate to the car

Another important area of automobile accident litigation, which often occurs in relation to commercial vehicles, involves the lack of proper service and maintenance of the vehicle. This omission is most frequently seen in auto accident litigation every day.

Typically, they will involve the breaking of a part of the car, truck or bus, due to the omission of the owner or the service company, in providing proper service and maintenance to the car, truck or bus. The results of this omission are, very often, catastrophic.

For example, the simple failure to properly lubricate the bearings of a car can cause the entire axle of the wheels to release from the vehicle while driving.

  1. Road Defect or Negligent Road Design

A special type of car accident involves factors outside the driver or the vehicle. These are generally known as cases of road defects. They can involve the design of the road itself: poor road design, instruments to control traffic can cause or contribute to an accident, sites under construction or debris can cause or contribute to an accident and negligent design and maintenance of the road.

  1. Automobile Manufacturing Defect

Defect in car manufacturing can cause an accident and serious injuries. Often a design or manufacturing defect can cause the injuries suffered to be much worse. Some of the defects in car manufacturing that may cause serious car accidents can be tire puncture, brake failure or mechanical failures. Some of the examples of this type of accidents can be:

  • Off-road vehicles (SUVs) are more likely to tip over in an accident
  • The gas tank is more likely to catch fire in a crash
  • Manufacturing defect that causes a seat belt to fail
  • Airbag failure to deploy properly
  1. Traffic violation

For example, a violation of the maximum speed limit. Probably all of us have seen that in a city where the speed limit is 60 km / h, some motorists do not even fit into the limit of 90 km / h. It is not uncommon for violations of such rules as driving to a traffic signal prohibiting signal, overtaking in prohibited places, non-observance of priority rules.

However, traffic rules are violated not only by motorists but also by pedestrians who cross the road, completely ignoring the prohibition signs and traffic lights.

Even cyclists are no exception; they ride without paying any enough attention to other road users and vehicles. And, of course, one of the most common reasons of accidents is driving while intoxicated. Accidents also happen because of the excessive driver fatigue, for example, after a long trip.

  1. Contempt

Accidents also take place because all participants in the movement, from pedestrians to drivers, are not attentive to each other. It often happens that the driver, even without violating traffic rules, simply does not have time to react in time. Due to dull attention, drivers do not notice stop signals in front of a going car, direction indicators, which subsequently leads to an accident.

  1. Poor preparation

Another cause of the accident is the insufficient training of new drivers in theory, but mainly in practice. And this is a real violation of the law, i.e. a crime, which, in theory, is followed by serious punishment.

After all, such people become potential killers, endangering life of everyone around them in great danger. It also happens that people simply learn to be right and only begin to drive after a few weeks of training.

In this case, everything that is learned is simply forgotten, So in order to drive and not create emergency situations on the road, it is enough to periodically practice on uninhabited roads.

  1. Violation of the rules for overtaking.

Overtaking is one of the most responsible and frequent maneuvers associated with increased speed and limited visibility. Often the result of improper overtaking is a head-on collision.

In this maneuver, it is necessary to accurately calculate the safe distance between the machines and be sure to include the appropriate warning signal. It is possible to overtake only if it is possible to exceed the speed of the overtaking vehicle by at least 15 km / h.

And its driver is not going to change the direction of travel (therefore, it is very important to know in advance the intentions of the driver of the overtaken vehicle).

  1. An accident where no one is to blame

It just so happened – the driver became ill at the wheel, an animal ran out on the highway, weather conditions, a slippery road, and other reasons. For these factors you have not anticipated to happen or that which cant be avoided. Here no one can be blamed for the circumstances.

A car accident is possible to avoid

Car accidents happen every day especially in a high tech high developed country like the USA. Car accidents by nature can be divided into three categories: severe, moderate and mild.

Nevertheless, the percentage of severe accidents in comparison to other countries in the world is much higher in the US. According to the results of numerous studies, it was actually established that most of the accidents that occurred could have been avoided if drivers, for their part, complied with simple safety rules and strictly followed the rules of the road.

Often drivers cannot only be blamed for the accident. As everyone knows, none is safe from this. A large number of accidents is directly related to our carelessness, to incorrect behavior, and reasoning when driving on the road when various unexpected and unforeseen situation arise.

Also often the cause of the accident itself lies in the driver’s misconception of the situation on the road, which is driving his car too self-confidently. And in violation of the rules of the road, mistakenly believing that he can always avoid the situation in a traffic accident.

Often, our actions on the road are unconscious and unpredictable while we acquire certain car driving skills and do not yet have sufficient driving experience.

Therefore, here some simple but best tips are given to reduce the risk of an accident in the future. The main thing is to observe traffic rules and self-discipline.

  1. Before starting the engine, check the health of the main vehicle systems.

Before you start the engine and hit the road, check the serviceability of all turn signals, sidelights and brake lights on the machine. Also do not forget to check the condition of tires. Thus, you will make sure that your car does not have any problems with its further operation.

  1. Be careful on the road.

Many of us motorists, after having gained a little experience in driving a car, immediately begin to think that they are great race car drivers and completely lose their sense of danger and caution and become simply overly self-confident.

Unfortunately, most of these drivers usually become frequent participants in road accidents. You should think that you are not the only one on the road, there are also new drivers or motorists who are not too careful because of their self-confidence or inexperience.

Because of your unexpected maneuver, they can’t cope with operating the car and may damage you and your car. So use your peripheral vision that is when you look at one point, you also see most objects on the sides as well.

If you during movement feel drowsy, try at such moments to frequently turn your eyes around without naturally losing sight of the road. Turn your attention to vehicles that are moving near you. don’t forget to look in the rearview mirror to evaluate the speed of vehicles going behind you.

This will help you not to fall asleep while driving and anticipate the danger that may come to you from your neighboring car or vehicle. It will help you to quickly the necessary steps to avoid a collision with the vehicle.

  1. Before changing lanes, make sure that the adjacent lane is free.

In most cars, there are so-called blind spot areas that cannot be seen through the side mirrors. A common cause of accidents is a change in the car to another lane where another car is moving.

Before changing lanes to the adjacent lane, make sure that there is no other vehicle running on that lane. Also remember, when parking or when driving in yards, you must be extremely careful and not to rely on rear-view mirrors.

In the parking lot, because of any other car, a person may suddenly run out who, being for you in the blind zone, maybe under the wheels of your car.

  1. Be very careful when another vehicle moves near you in another lane.

If for a long time another vehicle is traveling side by side with you in parallel, then try not to lose sight of it and be very careful. The driver of this vehicle may not see you due to blind spots and in the event of an unexpected change, it may damage or collide with your car.

  1. Crossroads

When approaching any road intersection, you should be extremely vigilant. Even if you are driving at a green traffic light, then before crossing the roadway, make sure for yourself that no one is moving from other directions of the intersection.

Please remember that on the road not all drivers are law-abiding and can pass the intersection even at a red light. It also happens and it is not uncommon that the traffic light itself is faulty, which can confuse any of the drivers.

  1. Be careful when approaching a vehicle with a special signal.

If during the movement by car you hear a special sound signal, then be very careful at that moment and get ready to give way to a special car according to the rules of the road. Also remember, that this car with a special signal can confuse a novice driver who, without any warning, can suddenly change his lane.

In particular, you must remember that when driving on a green traffic light and hearing a special signal of a special car. You must be prepared for the fact that a vehicle with a special signal has the right to go to a red traffic signal may suddenly appear on your way.

  1. Do not forget to turn on the turn signals when changing the lane.

If you want to change lanes on the car, then before making this maneuver, please remember to turn on the turn signal. First pause for three clicks of the turn signal to make sure that the adjacent lane is currently free, and only then change lanes.

If you see that when changing to another lane, nothing and no one bothers you, all the same at this moment try to be extremely careful. Because an inexperienced driver may not calculate the speed of his car and will not have time to just brake, thereby easily damage your car.

  1. Follow traffic rules

Most accidents occur due to non-compliance by drivers with traffic rules. Please remember that speeding and driving while intoxicated are the most common causes of serious accidents.

  1. Keep your distance.

When you press on the brake pedal, your car doesn’t stop at once. It will still take several seconds to stop, and even on dry asphalt or Pavement. As a rule, in order to take emergency measures and apply brake to avoid an unnecessary accident.

You need to make the right decision and think quick in a fraction of a second. And in the event that you do not observe the required distance when driving by car, then you may not have enough time for applying the brake.

This will certainly lead you to an accident in which you will be recognized as the culprit, and all because of non-compliance with the distance. The higher the speed of the machine, the more time it will take to completely stop it. Therefore, remember, the higher the speed of your car, the greater should be the distance to the vehicle in front.

  1. Choose the best route

If you are a respected motorist who does not have sufficient driving experience and is still a novice driver, we advise you to choose the best driving route for yourself.

Thereby avoiding large traffic jams and dangerous sections of the road. Also, do not forget to observe the high-speed driving mode. If you feel that the speed of your car is too high for you, then reduce this speed to your safety, in particular to that at which you will feel confident and comfortable.

  1. Do not be distracted on the road.

Despite the fact that it is strictly forbidden to talk while driving on a cell phone at the legislative level, a large number of motorists on roads still violate this law.

You have often seen very strange behavior on the road of a car and were at a loss thinking why this driver is so strange driving his car. But as soon as you overtake this car, you can see that the car driver is just talking on a mobile phone.

So this cell phone almost completely dulls the driver’s attention on the road and reduces his reaction. Try not to consume any food or drink while driving, as this is very distracting from the traffic situation and can lead you to an accident in which you will be to blame.

  • Do not provoke other drivers to aggressive driving.

When driving a car in your lane, try to give way to the car that follows you at a faster speed. Please remember that not giving way to a fast-moving car, you yourself provoke another driver not only to aggressive driving but also to rash actions, which can cause an accident. Also

  • Always use seat belts.
  • Do not abuse the horn. This can provoke other drivers.
  • Don’t listen to loud music while driving your car at high speed. Music distracts the driver concentration from the road and reduces reaction.
  • If you are very exhausted, then slow down or stop altogether.

Altogether, one carelessness, you may be endangering the life of yourself and others. So take these preventive measures and take caution while driving a car.

What action to take if you are involved in a car accident?

If you had a car accident, and you are a driver of the car. Then thinking may come in your mind to run quietly from the accident site. So you can escape, however, you cant do this as it is your duty to help the victim of your car.

Also, you may get punished by law and your insurance company may also not compensate you. Instead of running away or escaping, you can calm yourself and help the victim.

And don’t forget about the CCTV camera which by the way is fitted at every nook and corner. So lets what you have to do in case of your car accident.

  1. What to do first?

  • Take it easy. Now you must do everything so that the police can restore the real picture of the incident. First, make sure everyone is safe. If someone is injured, call an ambulance or 911 and give him first aid(if you know what you are doing and you are authorized to give the first aid). If you ignore the injured, you are facing many years in prison.
  • If for some reason you cannot call an ambulance, ask for the help of a random driver or take the victim to the hospital yourself. Before you leave, take a picture or take a video of all the details of an accident. Then return to the scene and call the police. After you call the police, turn off the engine, turn on the emergency light and put an emergency stop sign to inform other motorists about the accident. Take away valuable things from a car.
  • Leave the car in the same place where the accident happened, do not move objects that concern the accident, and wait for the police. You can call your loved ones and ask them to come – they will be your moral support and witnesses describing the circumstances of the accident.
  • Before the police arrive (this may take several hours), try to find witnesses to the accident and persuade them to help in attesting the accident. It can be drivers passing by, people at stops nearby, your passengers. Write down their contact details, car numbers (in the case of drivers) for indications and explanations. The testimonies of witnesses should be recorded in the protocol, they are very important for restoring the picture of events.
  • If another driver tries to escape from the scene of the accident or hide its traces – remember the number of his car. Take everything that happened after the collision on your phone, take more photos – this will be your evidence and will help with the examination.
  • If another driver is behaving aggressively, you can stay in the car and talk to him through the lowered glass in a locked car. Try to ensure that when the police arrive, everything remains the same as at the time of the accident.
  • Think over the description of the accident in advance, prepare to state your testimony.
  1. Behave properly with the police

  • Do not refuse to take a test or examination at a medical institution, even if the culprit of the accident is not you. After passing the test, take a certificate of the absence of alcohol in the blood. If one of the participants in the accident does not want to pass the test, this should be recorded in the protocol.
  • After the accident, do not drink medicine or alcohol – this will affect the results of the alcohol examination.
  • If the inspector does not make you take the test or breath into the tube, some experts advise doing it yourself to protect yourself from accusations of drunk driving. Sometimes for this, you have to go to the hospital, because the police may not have a special apparatus with them.
  • If you have a video recorder, copy the moment of the accident and show it to the police. If you think that they are doing wrong, do not start a quarrel – it is better to record everything on video.
  • Some experts advise not to rush to plead guilty, because the accident could have occurred due to the negligence of road workers. Or public utilities who had not repaired the road, or because of a car service that did not fix the malfunction.
  1. Is it necessary to call an insurer and a lawyer in place of an accident?

Many insurance contracts indicate that after an accident, the driver must report this to the insurance within certain number days, otherwise he may be refused payments.

The insurer can be called to the scene of the accident. If he does not arrive at the scene of an accident, notify the insurance company within 72 hours that an insured event has occurred. It will cover the cost of auto repair according to your policy. But you can count on payments only after a court decision.

  • The victim in an accident must contact both his insurance and the insurance of the culprit.
  • If you are the culprit of the accident, it is better to hire a lawyer. Call your lawyer at the scene of the accident he will represent you during the accident. He will help you correctly draw up the protocol and scheme of the accident. A lawyer will assess the complexity of the accident and coordinate your actions.

Why hire a lawyer in a car accident case?

In cases related to car accidents, it is very important to seek legal advice. Having timely consulted a lawyer on road accidents, you can save not only your nerves.

But also a lot of time, resolve even very difficult and complicated situations, defend your rights (for example, if you are unreasonably trying to make the culprit), the rights of your relatives, and also protect the interests of victims.

If you have suffered in a car accident, you need to devote all your time and energy to restoring your health. Serious injuries require quality medical care and proper rehabilitation.

The last thing you should do is try to deal with the insurance company and demand the required compensation from it. Stress from such negotiations can complicate your recovery.

In addition, most likely, you are unlikely to receive the necessary compensation if you conduct the business yourself. The chances of increasing compensation increase significantly if you hire a lawyer to handle your case. He will help you in:

  1. Evens the odds

If you have suffered in a car accident, then most likely you will deal with the insurance company of the guilty party. Your health and well-being are not a primary factor for an insurance company.

It is important for such companies to minimize the number of funds that you can receive. In general, they will do everything possible to protect their profits.

By hiring a lawyer to represent you, you will equalize your chances and protect yourself from the tricks of the insurance company. Insurers always want you to agree to a bad offer. The attorneys will allow you to make sure that all the offers that you accept will give you the opportunity to receive compensation sufficient to cover all expenses associated with an accident.

  1. Identify responsible persons.

It is important to accurately recognize the cause of your accident. Because there may be several culprits. You are entitled to claim compensation from any person who caused the harm. Therefore, identifying the people who participated in the incident will help maximize your compensation.

  1. Limit liability if partly to blame

If you are partially to blame for the accident, this does not mean that you cannot claim compensation. However, the amount of compensation will be reduced. The more you are to blame for the incident, the less money you can get.

Insurance companies and other perpetrators will try to shift the blame to you as much as possible. The lawyer thoroughly investigates your case and helps limit your liability. They will find evidence proving that you do not need to be blamed.

  1. Administrative assistance

If an accident has occurred, then it is summarized that there has been a violation of the rules of the road, leading to the initiation of proceedings in an administrative case.

Therefore, the driver needs to know that he has the right to receive the following documents from the traffic police inspector (who arrives at the scene of a traffic accident). A copy of the issued protocol on an administrative offense; a certificate of participation in a traffic accident indicating the damage sustained by the car.

After that, the traffic police inspector must assign the date and time of his arrival to the traffic police body. Then where administrative materials on the facts of the accident are considered as well.

It is at this moment that it is advisable to seek advice from a lawyer on road traffic accidents to receive qualified legal assistance. A lawyer can advise you to consult an expert, help with the preparation of documents, conduct a legal examination of the situation that entailed a traffic accident.

If you agree with the decision of the inspector, then you need to pay a fine. If you do not agree with the decision, then you have the right to appeal.

  1. The assistance of the lawyer if you are convicted of an accident

If you are the driver of the car which happened to cause the accident, it is also your right to prove yourself innocent. In such cases, your lawyer can assist you. He will determine the following to make you free of the charge.

  • incorrect actions of road users that are on the road at that time
  • features of the road conditions
  • features of meteorological conditions (for example, visibility of the road)
  • vehicle technical condition
  • technical condition of alarm systems
  • inadequate perception by the driver of everything that happened. This leads to unreasonable recognition of the driver as guilty
  • the error of eyewitnesses of the incident about the circumstances of the incident (determining the speed of the vehicle before colliding with a pedestrian or before colliding with another vehicle, the actions of the pedestrian-victim, etc.).
  1. Assistance in Civil matters

This category includes civil cases for compensation for harm caused to life, health, and property as a result of a car accident. As in other cases of compensation for harm, in the case of damage due to an accident, the principle of compensation for harm in full applies.

However, a feature of this category of cases is that the vehicle is a source of increased danger. The harm caused to the life and health of citizens as a result of a traffic accident is compensated by the owner of the vehicle, regardless of whether he is recognized as the culprit of the accident or not.

If you are a victim or you are a car driver, only the lawyer can help you receive adequate compensation.

When to hire a lawyer in case of a car accident?

A car accident happens, and you don’t know what to do next. If you are the victim f the car accident and you are injured, then the first thing to prioritize for you is to restore your health. And to receive compensation for the injuries that you have suffered.

Also for the damage of your vehicle if the car has collided into yours. If you are the driver of the car and have caused the accident, you have to focus on how to get yourself out of the punishment and prove yourself not guilty of the accident.

Therefore, when you have to hire a lawyer can be categorized into two: 1. when you are the victim of the accident 2. when you are the driver of the accident.

  1. When you are the victim of the car accident, you have to call the lawyer when you have to:
  • Focus on restoring physical health.

In the event of serious injury, your first priority is to restore physical health. Here, you will need the help of a qualified lawyer who has knowledge in matters of legislative and procedural rules. He will help you understand all the intricacies of a complex lawsuit, thereby giving you the opportunity to focus on the recovery of your health.

  • You are not sure about the amount of compensation

What is the price of your health, emotional and moral state due to an accident? What amount of monetary compensation can you rely on in a claim for compensation for harm caused to physical health? Without the legal assistance of a lawyer, you will be forced to rely on the dry calculations of the insurance company.

  • Perhaps you do not know who is responsible for your injuries and damage.

In some cases, several persons can be held liable for harm caused to you, each of which can be held liable. The identification of these persons will maximize the amount of compensation.

To find out who should bear responsibility it is important to determine the exact cause of the accident. The interest of the insurance company, as you know, is to save money. Its representatives will make every effort so that the amount of your monetary compensation is minimal.

With more confidence, the insurance company will underestimate the assessment of your requirements and your injuries. To protect from the tricks of the insurance company, to get a proper assessment of the degree of damage and determine the correct price of the claim, this is the help and task of your lawyer.

Experts will also be involved to guarantee receipt. Calling your attorneys will help in conducting a thorough investigation into your case, as well as pinpoint possible perpetrators. Perpetrators may be companies, government agencies, employers, owners, as well as third parties.

A lawyer’s task is to obtain compensation from all who are involved in the harm done to your health.

  • Get much-needed cash

Accidentally injured can change your whole life in an instant. The material costs associated with an accident and necessary to restore health will increase. With extremely serious injuries, the amounts can be much higher, and treatment bills and associated costs can be calculated, not in tens. But in thousands, and possibly millions of dollars.

Most Americans are not prepared for such unforeseen expenses, due to the lack of savings. Fortunately, you have the right to file a claim for damages, as a result of causing harm to your physical health if the cause of the accident is another person. The lawyers will help you get the right cash. The ultimate goal of their work is to achieve the payment of fair compensation for injuries sustained.

  • Other services
    • Provides legal advice related to traffic accidents.
    • Recovery of insurance compensation after an accident.
    • Recovery of moral and material damage.
    • The lawyer on road accidents will appeal to the protocols of the traffic police.
    • Familiarization with the basic materials of a traffic accident.
    • Appoints expertise: auto-technical, merchandising and others in the case that occurred as a result of an accident.

2. If you are the party to blame for the accident, you have to call the lawyer when:

  • Get reimbursed even if you are partly to blame

In some states of the United States, if the cause of the accident, in part, is the victim himself. It is prohibited to recover compensation for damages caused to the physical health of a person in favor of the victim.

While in some states, even in this case, you can still rely on a certain, albeit limited, compensation. The amount of money collected will be reduced by as much as you find yourself guilty of what happened.

For example, you became a member of an accident, for medical treatment and related expenses, your costs amounted to $ 10,000. At the time of the accident, you were traveling with speeding, so you were considered 20 percent responsible for the accident.

This does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation, but the amount of this compensation will be reduced by 20 percent. That is, instead of $ 10,000, you can recover $ 8,000 from another driver ($ 10,000 minus 20 percent = $ 8,000). Your lawyer will make every effort to transfer the blame to other persons as much as possible.

The less your fault in an accident, the greater the amount of compensation that you can receive. So the lawyer will thoroughly investigate your accident and find evidence to help resolve the matter in your favor.

  • In case of a criminal offense

If you are involved in a car accident and because of you that the car accident has occurred. Several things are needed to be considered else you will be facing a jail sentence and a huge amount of compensation. In a situation like:

    • If you are intoxicated and via negligence have caused serious harm to human health
    • If the victim of a car accident dies
    • If the accident caused the death of 2 or more persons
    • If the car accident have caused any material harm and public property damage

Under these circumstances, you must call your lawyer. Your rights in an accident case can be most effectively and efficiently defended by a lawyer with experience in this particular field of law.

However, if you do not have the opportunity or time to find him, even a general specialist will be more reliable than independent attempts to protect yourself in the hope of luck. At a minimum, he will be able to explain to you what should be said and whatnot. Sometimes this is already enough to protect a criminal accident participant from aggravating his situation.

  • When your freedom is in danger

When you happen to be the driver of the car which caused the accident, your freedom may be in danget. As such you have to call your lawyer so that he can successfully defend you, deal with the lawyers of the victim, represent you in the court.

He will try to prove you innocent of the charges that the police and victim have attributed to you. He will also help you negotiate to an agreement with the prosecution on how the case can be solved mutually, the penalty can be reduced and ensured that you receive the fair trial.


It is best to avoid car accidents as much as possible and take the necessary precautions as mentioned above. It would be a wise step from your part. However, it is something that you cant avoid so at some point you may suffer from this.

At the point, understand your rights even if you are a victim or the perpetrator. So you have to hire the lawyer so you can understand your rights, and act accordingly.

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